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It uses in the determination of concentration of constituents It is stable, direct readout of absorbance, compact and easy to operate, thumb wheel selection of filters, pre focused light source, long life photo diode detector, usable for disposable cells.

Photometric Range  : 0- 1.99 Abs
Photometric Stability : +0.01Abs in 8 hours
Light Source : Tungsten lamp
Filters(8) : Peak transmission at 450- 670 nm
Shutter : To prevent the detector from continuous exposure to light.
Detector : Photodiode
Nephelometer/Turbidity Meter
It is mainly used in water pollution analysis, estimation of concentration of insoluble in liquids measurement of turbidity level of dispersants by scattering of light. Useful for determination of sulphate, phosphate Cl, Zn, Ag, etc by ASTM procedure, measurement of
NTU Range : 0- 200& 200- 1000
NTU Accuracy : 3%full scale
NTU Repeatability : 2% full scale
inhibition growth of some anti microbial agents.
NTU Readability : 0.1
Light Source : Tungsten Lamp
Detector : Photodiode
Readout : 7 segment LED display
Spectro Fluro Meter
Mainly used in analysis of biological samples, drugs, monitoring & study of air & food pollutants. Microprocessor based, user friendly with printer interface Precise setting of wavelengths & slits widths, four cell turret holder.
Spectral Range : 200 to 700nm
Spectral Bandwidth : 2, 5, 10, 20 nm (selectable)
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