Custom Services
Filtration, Membrane Filter
Fermentation & Bioprocess
Liquid Handling
Biotech Education
Molecular Biology
DNA Imaging
Custom Service
DNA Synthesis (Custom Services)
  1. Custom DNA Synthesis
  2. DNA Modifiers
  3. Custom RNA Synthesis
  4. RNA Modifiers
  5. Antisense Oligonucleotides
  6. Mirror Image Oilgos
  7. Ligands & Spacers
  8. Chromophores
Sequence Analysis Software
  1. Analysis Capabilities
  2. Align Multiple and pairwise Sequence with Megalign
  3. Assemble sequence
  4. Design primers for PCR sequenceing and probe hybridization with prime select
  5. Predict Protein structure with protean
  6. Discover gens with gene quest
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