Laminar Air Flow System, Horizontal Laminar Air Flow

Manufacturer and Exporter of laminar air flow system and horizontal laminar air flow.
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2’L X 2’W X 2’H
3’L X 2’W X 2’H
4’L X 2’W X 2’H
6’L X 2’W X 2’H

LAMINAR AIR FLOW chamber horizontal model with acrylic transparent front sliding door with locking arrangement fitted with U V- light for better sterilization fitted on the roof. The cabinet is fitted with super air Hepa filters consisted of no woven micro filter glass pleated media with pleated separated by aluminum foil and has the efficiency of 99.97% down to 0.3um particle size and pressure drop of < 25mm w.c. The unit is furnished with 02 no’s fluorescent tube light as per the U. S. Federal Standard 209-b. The outer chamber is made of thick plywood with reinforcement of wood wherever necessary. All visible laminated with white sun mica and interior painted with appoxi paint. Filter seat with rubber padding. Side panel made of aluminum anodized frame. Static pressure mano letter is also provided to control pressure gas or vacuum line cock is provided along with this laminar flow chamber.

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