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Stuart Scientific offer a choice of three Platform Rockers.
Rugged construction and reliable performance combine to provide economical and practical products.
Rocker, Platform, STR6
* Provides a rocking ` see - saw ' motion
* Accurately maintained sipped
* Non - slip mat
* Adjustable angle of tilte
* Economical price
Robust Rocker with platform that rocks on a central pivot.
Angel of tilt can adjusted using the provided.


Gyro-Rocker, STR9
* provides three -dimensional rocking motion
* Adjustable angle of tilte
* Accurately maintained speeds
* Non- slip mat
* Economical price
The Stuart Gyro- Rocker provides a 3d gyratory motion, ideal for low foaming agitation, DNA extractions, staining and destaining gels, etc.
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