UV VIS and Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

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UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

Microcontroller based high signal to noise ratio stable single beam optics push button selection of %T, Abs & Conc. compact, modular & ergonomically designed simple selection of four position sample holder accommodates cuvettes of upto 50 mm path length.

Salient Features:
* Double Beam Optics
* Advanced Scanning UV-Vis Spectrophtometer
* High Resolution Bandwidth 1nm
* EP Resolution Test >2.0 (Toluene in hexane)
* Confirms European and other major pharmacopoeia tests.
* Microprocessor based eith printer interface
* Optional PC compatibility with RS232C Interface and MS Windows based software for Data acquisition, Processing, Storage Retriecal, Interpretaion of Data
* Fully automatic, User friendly and menu driven
* Automatic wavelength Calibration
* Compact, Modular &Ergonomically designed
* Automatic 2 position sample cuvette holder for 10 mm and 40 mm pathlength cuvettes
* Programmable wavelength for lamp change over
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